Cosy Students Shop

Every year, University and College students spend time and money acquiring essentials such as clothing, stationery, kitchenware, electronics, and bedding during their course of study. At the end of their course most especially international students can't take home
the things acquired. Whiles some donate to charities others throw in bins.  Through the later items in perfectly good conditions which can be reused becomes waste and end up in landfills or with a few recycled.
Cosy Collections helps reduce the quantity of waste generated by asking students to donate items in good condition for reuse by incoming students. Student accommodations are liaised with and items left by students are also collected.  The items are sorted, cleaned and tested where appropriated and sent to our Cosy Shop.

Pass by the shop for your clothing, shoes, bedding, electronics, stationery etc at affordable prices.


The Cosy Students Shop provides students with essentials such as jackets, clothing, shoes, electronics, stationery, plates, glasses, mugs, pots and pans, beddings etc at affordable prices. Stocks are acquired through Cosy Collections to help incoming students, especially international students acquire essentials at affordable prices. The items are sorted, cleaned and tested to make sure they are safe and in good condition for their next owners.

Through this students can reduce their expenditure and financial stress is managed. Mental stress stemming from financial hardships are reduced and the life span of items are increased reducing carbon footprints and increasing carbon saved by Students, Universities and Student accommodation providers.

The Cosy Parrot

We live in an information age and access to vital information is what sets us apart. This is more so important for students especially international students who are not very familiar with their new environment.
The Cosy Parrot is an informative platform which aims to make students increasingly aware of the opportunities on and outside campus available to them.
The Cosy Parrot through our Facebook page will make available valuable information such as part-time job opportunities, locating international markets, health and social places, exchange information, easy food recipes, dressing appropriately for the seasons and serve as a link between past, continuing and incoming students.