Edna Ayeley Okine

Edna is the manager and co-founder of Cosy Students. Interested in Trade and Sustainable Development, she studied an LLM in International Law and Sustainable Development and went on the field to write her dissertation on “Achieving sustainable development through the Shea Industries in Uganda and Ghana“.

She has two Bachelor’s  degrees and Communication Studies. She has interned at Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance and CIFAL Scotland. As well as volunteered as a student adviser at University of Strathclyde’s law clinic and Citizen Advice Direct.

Edna has also worked as an Accommodation assistant at Collegelands (fire-warden) and is currently the President of the Ghana Students Associations.

Vera Hayibor

Vera is a co-founder of Cosy Students and in-charge of operations and media. She is highly passionate about sustainability, women’s right and entrepreneurship. Vera studied an LLM in International Law and Sustainable Development and wrote a thesis titled “Has poverty a feminine face: the role of female workers and entrepreneurs in fulfilling SDG1“ from a field dissertation carried out in Uganda.

Vera also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Theatre Arts and has worked as a Special Research Assistant to a Member of the Parliament of Ghana. She has volunteered in various community development projects and is currently Treasurer of the Ghana Students' Association, Glasgow.

Jonas Atta Boateng

Jonas is an experienced IT professional with academic and worked related training in Physics, Electronics, Computing, Telecommunications and Subsea Engineering. He loves all things IT and spends a great amount of time learning and following innovations and trends in IT technologies.

Jonas loves entrepreneurship and have been in the space for about 10 years and counting. He loves finding the simplest solutions to the most complex problem that comes his way.