Sustainability is our believe and improving student lives is our mission. A marriage of these two is what Cosy Students is about: “Sustainability through Students”.
As a generation encouraged to live sustainably, students are in a great position to embark on this journey.  Cosy Students, therefore, aims to help students' increase their sustainable practices and at the same time improve their student experiences, especially international students.
    Our Cosy Students Shop provides students with clothing, shoes, stationery, electronics, bedding, kitchenware etc at affordable prices.  Stock for the shop is acquired from outgoing students who donate items they acquired during their course of study and can’t take home.
   Our Cosy collections make sure these items do not become waste. The items collected are sorted, cleaned and tested and sold to students who need them. Through the shop, students who donate and buy both reduce their carbon footprints and expenditure.
   Our 'Cosy Parrot' also provides students information on sustainable living, opportunities on and outside campus, locating specialised groceries and supermarkets, health, and social places, easy food recipes, dressing appropriately for the seasons. The Cosy Parrot essentially helps students exchange information, and serve as a link between past, continuing and incoming students. Information and experiences are shared resulting in an improvement of student experiences.

The Cosy Vision

The Cosy vision is to create  sustainable students campuses.

The Cosy Mission

  • Make sustainability a lifestyle for students 
  • Create interactive and informative platforms to showcase student opportunities and experiences
  • Improve experiences of international students

The Cosy Values

  • People: Improve students experiences especially international students
  • Purpose: Create and undertake projects with sustainable impacts whiles improving student lives
  • Promise: Work with Universities, Colleges, and Organisations to increase sustainable living  on campuses
  • Principles: make environmental, financial and social impacts towards the achievement of agenda's like  the Sustainable Development Goals